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Case study: 12V Lithium Starter Battery

Johnson Matthey Battery Systems designed and delivered a highly innovative 12V lithium starter battery, using advanced carbon composites, for a very demanding application.

The lithium-ion battery is being deployed in a high performance sports car, and therefore had to be packaged for an extreme environment; because of where it is fitted, the battery is exposed to vibration, shocks and water.

Johnson Matthey Battery Systems worked closely with its supply base to source material to meet the customer’s requirement.  This led to the development of an innovative carbon fibre structure with an ultra-low profile.  The multi-layer carbon composite deployed in the battery is both light weight and high strength, and uses F1-type composite and construction materials.

The very low profile of the battery was also made possible by the innovative and creative packaging of pouch cells.

Not only is the 12V lithium starter battery half the weight of a traditional lead-acid battery for a high performance application, but the innovative packaging frees up space within the body structure, allowing for greater freedom and flexibility in the vehicle design.

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