Icebrakers 2014 for Johnson Matthey in Poland

21 May 2015


Johnson Matthey Battery Systems in Poland has been awarded in ICEBRAKERS 2014 contest.        

The idea of the contest is to reward Employers that create new jobs for people with an adjudicated level of disability and are sensitive socially to the problem of disability. Icebrakers contest is carried out annually since 2006. This is a prestigious project, organized by the biggest Poland organization of employers employing people with disabilities. Honourable patronage of the programme took the spouse of the president of Poland - Mrs. Anna Komorowska. In Johnson Matthey Battery Systems we actively promote the author's company programme "Labour Market open to everyone - JMBS an equal opportunity company. We provide working conditions adjusted to the diagnosed body dysfunction. respecting all the provisions of Polish law, we want to ensure equal opportunities and create a friendly environment for all professional groups, regardless of the adjudicated dysfunctions. We integrate all employees, offer support and consultations in everyday professional work.


Certificate Icebrakers 2014


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