Ecochamps project – recent article in MTZ

01 February 2017


Johnson Matthey Battery Systems is a partner in the Ecochamps consortium. 

Within the European consortium, twenty five partners including manufacturers, suppliers and research facilities cooperate. The project is financed within the Horizon 2020 framework programme by the EU. The project started in May 2015 and is scheduled to conclude in April 2018.  

A recent article in MTZ gave an overview of the Ecochamps project, and the improvements that are being targeted. The overall objective of the ECOCHAMPS project is to achieve efficient, compact, low weight, robust and cost effective hybrid powertrains for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles (buses, medium duty and heavy duty trucks) with increased functionality, improved performance, comfort, functional safety and emission levels below Euro 6 or VI.

The targeted achievements of ECOCHAMPS are to:

–       Improve powertrain efficiency by up to 20% during representative operation

–       Reduce powertrain weight and volume by up to 20%

–       Reduce hybrid vehicles costs, targeting a 10% maximum cost premium


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