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Advanced battery systems designed, engineered, and manufactured for cordless applications with varying power and capacity requirements.

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The modern battery market is facing significant challenges. The increase in automation and the development of battery-powered applications now forces manufacturers to look for new solutions that go hand in hand with technological progress and trends. The demand for innovative, durable, and reliable battery systems continues to grow, and consumers today expect applications that run longer without sacrificing energy efficiency.

As a leading European manufacturer of advanced battery systems, we have been working with our customers for over 20 years to make their products stand out in highly competitive markets.

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Volume and tailored partner solutions

The best technology on the market at your fingertips. Assembling several million battery packs a year, our dedicated process designers and engineers have the skills and experience necessary to manufacture advanced battery systems safely and reliably while remaining cost-efficient.

Work with us for professional support with design to final delivery, plus take advantage of our range of manufacturing options that will ensure you quickly scale to meet the requirements of evolving markets.



Advanced battery system 36 V


Support in all key areas

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    Optimise your battery packs with more efficient assembly processes at scale

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    Create in-house prototypes at each stage of the project

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    Design a complete battery system, ensuring high performance and quality

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    Perform complex laboratory testing for maximum performance

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    Source high-quality, affordable components for battery cells

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    Deliver cost-effective production lines and assembly processes