From life-saving medical devices to innovative portable diagnostic tools, battery-powered technology has allowed us to make so many leaps in healthcare. 

But meeting the unique requirements of the MedTech space isn’t easy.

We look at what it takes to design custom batteries that stand up to the healthcare industry’s toughest requirements. 

Made for being on the move 

Whether it’s moving between patients or at-home use, many medical devices benefit from being portable. 

But as with all battery-powered devices, there’s a tradeoff between the size of the device and lifespan of the battery. 

Custom battery solutions help find that perfect balance between usage, performance, and device size. 

Built to last 

When you’re in a busy hospital or clinic, the last thing you want to do is to take time away from patients to round up all your medical devices and charge them. 

Minimizing the frequency of battery replacements and charging is an essential requirement to make sure life-saving devices are ready to go when medics need them. 

Custom medical batteries can be designed to optimize energy density and efficiency, making sure devices last longer. 

Prioritizing safety and compliance

Keeping patients safe comes first. There are two aspects to medical device safety: the physical safety of the device and the reliability of its performance. 

With intense usage, batteries are at risk overheating or short circuiting. Custom battery development makes sure the battery spec matches the use case and gives the opportunity to build in fail-safes. 

Bespoke battery development also opens up the possibility of building in advanced monitoring features to ensure patients and their doctors can confidently rely on these life-saving devices. 

When off-the-shelf isn’t an option

All electronics must jump through hoops when it comes to safety, but medical devices need to meet much higher standards of safety and reliability. 

Healthcare providers want longevity when they invest in new tech, as well as the confidence that it’ll integrate seamlessly with the other systems they’re already using. 

Often, devices are being used to perform a really specific job. To do that well and for as long as possible, the battery’s power consumption, size, and weight all need to be optimized for the needs of that specific healthcare application.

The team at Johnson Matthey has extensive experience in developing custom batteries for healthcare devices. Get in touch with us to share more about your project and find out how we can help.