The rising energy costs have emerged as a formidable challenge that numerous businesses have been grappling with in recent times.

This predicament poses a multitude of issues for energy-intensive companies, which are actively seeking viable solutions to mitigate the impact of these escalating expenses.

As a company operating in the industrial sector, it is of paramount importance for us to actively engage in dialogue with fellow manufacturers, exchanging valuable insights and experiences. With this objective in mind, we eagerly participated in a panel discussion held on the 14th of June, titled “Reducing Rising Energy Costs, Energy Security for Companies, and Green Transformation.” The event took place at Johnson Matthey Battery Systems headquarters, providing a prime opportunity to convene representatives from various companies and delve into crucial topics such as strategies for curbing the surge in energy costs for businesses, the indispensable role of energy security in company operations, and the profound significance of transitioning towards sustainable, eco-friendly practices.

We are incredibly privileged that Johnson Matthey Battery Systems in Gliwice served as the venue for this momentous occasion, solidifying our commitment to tackling the prevailing challenge of rising energy costs and nurturing a sustainable future for businesses.

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